April 9, 2000

More Progress!

Friday Evening:

The lab results from Dad's surgery are finally in. The unexpected cancer they found was in a relatively early stage and no further treatment is necessary.

Dr. Whirlwind, who blew into the room to give us the news, stopped short of saying they "got it all" because you can never guarantee that, but he doesn't expect any problems.

This was wonderful news for me but not such great news for Dad, who as it turns out, was unaware there had been any cancer involved with his abdominal problems. Now that's two cancers diagnosed this year, rather a scary coincidence. (The other was prostate cancer which is supposed to be under control.)

I don't think Dad knows quite what to make of this. He halfheartedly tried to accuse me of "keeping secrets" but I told him I thought he knew, and he realizes I shouldn't have to be the one to tell him that sort of thing. He asked me to explain again what the doctor told him (in plain English) and seemed discouraged for awhile.. but how much more discouraged would he have been with this hanging over his head for three weeks while he was struggling to recover from the operation! I guess it worked out for the best, especially since the news was good after all.

And oh yes any children over the age of 45 should be checked. That's me. Sure, routine physical is due soon anyway. (Sigh.)

Sunday Morning:

Woke up to find about six inches of snow on the ground (where none had been before.. it had all melted) and a few more forecast to fall. It's pure white. It's beautiful. It sits on the tree branches and makes the world look new (or desolate, depending on how you feel..)

At this time of year the road crews don't work at full capacity so traffic is snarled in town - even on Sunday. In Montreal any hour can be "rush hour". I spoke to Stepsis and since she can watch over Stepmom today I think I'll stay home. Daddy will be fine.. he's in a hospital, after all.

Stepsister should definitely qualify for sainthood. Her life has been disrupted far more than mine and she accepts it with endless patience and grace.

So today I plan to wrest the computer away from the kids as much as I can, watch the Masters on TV (yes golf is boring but they have great shots of the men from behind.. and all that walking makes most of them sooooo fit..) and I suppose, cook something the kids like (probably lasagna) since I haven't done anything in the kitchen besides clean up in a month.

I was meant to have this "day off". Thanks to whoever/whatever arranged it.

Linque Du Jour: Dull Men's Club

I wasn't going to have a link today but this fell right into my lap.

Self-described as   A place in cyberspace where Dull Men can share thoughts and experiences, free from pressures to be "in and trendy," to enjoy instead the simple, ordinary things of everyday life.

For instance.. the featured event of the month is "folding road maps". There's a test to see if you are indeed a "dull man" and of course, FAQ's. Dull activities, (tractor spotting?) dull trivia, and many links including the illustrious Journal of Mundane Behavior which appears to be at least a semi-serious work hosted by California State University. Perhaps they should be made aware of the online journal phenomenon.. can't get much more mundane than this!

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