March 14, 2000

I'm Reality-Based, You're Not

[For background please see the previous few entries.]

I love that phrase so much, I just had to use it for a title.

It was said to me today by one of my sisters (stepsisters? I don't know whether to still make that distinction) during a discussion about whether our parents still (um) had sex. (My opinion? UNTHINKABLE!) We were discussing this because Dad had thrown us out of the room in order to ask his doctor some questions in private. It couldn't have been that, though. It just couldn't.

One more day before that much-needed operation. The surgeon (Dr. Whirlwind) stood in one spot long enough to patiently explain what was involved, and the expected convalescence. They have to cut out the inflamed section of bowel, sew the ends back together, and repair the hole in the bladder. He expects that to take three to four hours. Another four hours in the recovery room, then FIVE DAYS on intravenous without eating or drinking, to let it all heal.

Dad's new neighbour turns out to be an Alzheimer patient whose blood sugar went crazy. He had been living at home with his wife but I get the feeling that may change. The wife was there all day today, watching him, feeding him, making sure the nurses did what she felt they should do, complaining about the state of the bathroom and finally, telling me that we (my family) made too much noise, it's a hospital, after all. (Dad's response, under his breath: what about her husband keeping me up all night talking to himself?) Her comments didn't surprise me in the least, as I had heard her remarking to the nurses that the room was too small (it is) and too noisy, and could they get a private room. It's not often I'm among the disturbers instead of the disturbees!

Well. We were a bit boisterous. And the noisiest daughter was only there for a short time. The rest of us are generally quiet and soft-spoken but we happened to be having fun for a few minutes. Dad has a very bawdy sense of humor and was never shy about telling off-colour jokes around females. It was such a delight to get him started and have him forget his discomfort for a time. On the other hand, I know what it's like to be irritated by noise, especially when it's construed as disrespectful. Perhaps an effort should be made on both sides to tolerate the other a bit more. Whether it will be made is questionable but the problem should solve itself fairly soon anyway.

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