March 8, 2000

Treading Water

[For background please see the previous few entries.]

Still waiting; so far still a week to go until surgery.

The family dilemma is settled.. for now. The two sisters are staying in town at least through the operation and then the third one and I or possibly some grandchildren will pick up any slack. This is probably ideal for everyone.. except the two who have to completely disrupt their lives for another week after this one. I don't know how many others would have made the same choice, in their position. I admire them and their strength, grace, and resolution, and admire the woman who raised them.

Speaking of women.. it's International Women's Day. I found out by accident during a conversation. Perhaps I'd heard of it before but I wasn't aware that it was today.

This isn't a new thing. It's been around since 1908 and was recognized by the UN in 1977. I had difficulty finding much about it online (strangely enough.. or not?) but finally came across this Australian site which has a history of the event and some vintage photos. I guess the day when I don't have to dig a hole through the earth to Australia to find information on this will be the day we might not need to have an "International Women's Day" anymore. And if anyone asks how come there isn't an "International Men's Day", they get the same answer I got when I asked my parents about "Children's Day": IT'S EVERY DAY!

Linque Du Jour: Iditarod!

Follow the humans and sled-doggies as they make their way from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. The race started on March 5 and should run for at least another week. There's all sorts of notes, information and updates and even a journal. Mush!

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