March 6, 2000

So Far So Good!

[For background please see the previous three entries, March 2, 4 and 5.]

Things are starting to fall into place.. maddeningly slowly but in a positive direction.

The best news is, the tests from last week showed "no evidence of tumor" in the abdomen and Dad's surgery for diverticulitis is going ahead. It's weird to be delighted that surgery is necessary but the alternative was much much worse. This morning from the time I awoke to the time I arrived at the hospital (about two hours) I couldn't help rehearsing in my mind the scenario I dreaded: Daddy would tell me they're sending him home, that the doctors couldn't do anything, that they found more cancer; this has happened in the past, to an aunt, an uncle and a brother-in-law (at different times) and it somehow seemed to be the fate of this family. But it didn't happen today.

Daddy was in fine grouchy form, and found plenty to complain about all day. They moved him to another ward (he had been on an orthopedic floor, probably due to bed availability or lack thereof) but he finally settled in. The new ward is actually newer and quieter and his room is much closer to the nurses' station but to him the old one was nicer. Ah well. He also had me and the three other sisters plus his wife and her sister all milling around him. By the evening he was glad to see everyone go and was asking the nurse for tylenol for a headache!

In between it all I managed to get some quiet time alone with him, which was wonderful. Usually his wife won't let him out of her sight and as much as I love her, it's still nice to have Daddy to myself for a bit. Until he became ill he kept busy and didn't spend much time with my family, and I'd forgotten how much like him I am and how we understand each other.

As for the actual operation, the doctor said the earliest it would be is Thursday, and it might even drag on to next week, depending on how busy the operating rooms are with emergency cases. It's frustrating but at least Dad is more comfortable now than he was the first couple of days in hospital and previously, because of the diet (or lack thereof!) that he's getting, and the intravenous.

The other news that's good (for me at least) is that the two out-of-town sisters are staying here for awhile longer. They have had to cancel plans, including one vacation, but their mother desperately needs them now even though she doesn't recognize that fact at the moment. My biggest fear in regard to her was, if she had to stay alone in her apartment, that she'd forget that Daddy was in the hospital, look for him, not find him, and panic. I doubt she remembers phone numbers anymore or would even think to call me. Or anyone. They just can't let that happen. They considered hiring part-time companions for her between the times that one daughter and I could be with her, but she would have fired them all and as it is, is quite angry with us for "treating her like an idiot".

Well at least my life's not boring anymore.

I'm going to try to update daily for awhile, since I have things to write about and since you out there are coming to read them. I might occasionally take the easy road and do an email entry, and if you want to receive those please join the notify list (link below).
Thank you all for reading. I know the good thoughts and wishes make a difference.

Linque Du Jour: Jewish General Hospital

Everything has a website nowadays! This is the hospital Dad's in. The picture must be of a scale model or something.. I don't remember such big trees on the front lawn, and the trees across the street certainly aren't there. It also looks just a bit TOO clean.

For today's view also imagine piles of melting snow instead of a lush green lawn. And those cars parked in front of the island-lawn had better have handicapped stickers.

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