Feb. 27, 2000

Playing the Game

Written at 11:15 PM, webposted three hours later:

Writing the old-fashioned way, with pencil and paper. I used to prefer this but not any more, ever since my typing skills vastly improved as a result of months of IRC (chat) addiction.

I remember reading somewhere that the brain process for writing longhand is different from that of typing.. writing one's thoughts or creative writing, that is. Or perhaps using the method least preferred causes distracting frustration!

I'm waiting for Younger Son to get off the computer. It's "spring break" time, and I don't have the heart to impose a bedtime (as if I could!) The poor kid normally starts classes at 7:45 AM so on school nights he's usually tucked in by 10 or 11.

I hear the cheerful "uh-oh" of the ICQ, as well as computer game sounds. He's also working on a web page for his band. They're calling themselves "Six Shooter" now. It was difficult but they found a name that's offensive to me. I hope they're happy, grrrrrr.

Today must have been Underdog Day in the sports world. (I enjoy following most sports. It's like an alternate universe, divorced from reality -- well usually. NFL excepted, and lately hockey, too.)

Anyway, today in the World Golf Championships, Tiger Woods (world #1) was defeated by Darren Clarke of Northern Ireland. Darren Who? He's well-known in Europe but less so in North America. Having eliminated world #2, David Duval, yesterday, he did the almost unbelievable today. The thing I like best about this is, Darren Clarke does not look like he's been jogging and lifting weights. He's downright pudgy and very cuddly-looking. Chalk one up for self-indulgence (in my mind, at least!)

The other major upset was in soccer. I don't normally follow soccer, nor do I understand it. One's head is not meant to intercept a soccer ball that's been kicked half a mile.

I also don't understand this tournament, the Gold Cup. This article says it's the "championship event for North and Central America and the Caribbean." Ok but here's the country list according to ESPN's page:

Honduras, Colombia, Jamaica, United States, Peru, Haiti, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Canada, annnnnnnnd.. South Korea.

South Korea?

If anyone can explain that to me, I'd be fascinated to hear it.

Canada is not a world soccer power. The team hasn't made it to the World Cup since 1986 and there is no national league. In this tournament, Canada advanced to the quarter-finals (by virtue of a tie and winning coin toss!) and was supposed to lose to Mexico. They didn't. They were then supposed to lose the semi-final match against Trinidad and Tobago. They didn't. Today was the final, Canada vs Colombia, and Canada won that too!

Last night (before the final) I saw one of the players being interviewed on TV. When asked if the team was nervous (or words to that effect) he replied, "You've got to play the game, not the occasion."

And so they did. I intend to remember those words and repeat them to myself any time I feel intimidated -- by anyone or anything!

Linque Du Jour: CANOE

This was one of the first Canadian-produced and Canadian-oriented news sites. CANOE stands for CANadian Online Explorer. I suppose they want you to imagine you're paddling a kayak loaded with furs in a rushing river dodging polar bears somewhere north of Churchill, Manitoba. It's a pretty good reference for Canadian news and popular culture, along with world news. They have sections on finance, health, entertainment, sports, lifestyle (whatever that is), links to local papers under the Sun Newspaper group, forums, columns, etc. A good place to start if you need Canadian information.

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