Feb. 12, 2000


They're playing mind games with the livestock!

That was Hubby's reaction to the ABC News report we saw on TV yesterday. (For once I'm not referencing CNN, hooray!)

It seems this neurobiologist in England decided to test "how deeply moms affect their boys". And what better way to do this than with sheep and goats? He did a baby switch (on purpose!) and had sheep mothers bring up goat sons, and vice versa. The mothers appeared to humor him, which I think was very magnanimous of them.

Once the sheep and goat sons reached sexual maturity, it was time to determine who (or what) turned them on. They brought the boys to a barn with a different animal in each corner.. a male goat, a female goat, a male sheep and a female sheep.

And it seems to a man, they wanted to mate with the female of the species that nurtured them, rather than with their own species. (Not surprising, as how would a goat or a sheep know what they themselves look like? Barns and pastures don't come with mirrors, last I heard.) And even now, six years later, these males persist in wooing their mothers' images.

They did the same experiment with female goat and sheep babies with DIFFERENT results:

"When daughters were switched, they preferred their motherís species only half the time and soon went back to their own kind."

I think all that shows is the well known fact that females are smarter than males.

*Pause to allow any male readers to cringe and send me email*

Seriously, I guess it shows that the responsibility for successful procreation is a female thing. Females were able to overcome their mothers' influence (no easy task, I can tell you!) to this end (no pun intended.. well maybe a little.) It must be ingrained in males to adore their mothers which in normal instances would lead to mating with the same species as well, but male instincts are less adaptable.. at least, in farm animals.

The timing of the news report intrigues me, too. Could it be ABC's idea of a Valentine's Day feature?

And for the record let me make this PERFECTLY clear: I am NOTHING AT ALL like my mother-in-law!!!

Linque Du Jour:   His & Her Journals Part I

Could it be a new trend?

I've linked to Sasha before.. her journal remains one of my favourites. Her writing is clear and cuts directly to the heart of the topic, in humourous or painful fashion, and sometimes both.

Now her (what's the word these days?) boyfriend, partner, significant other, Travis, has started his own journal. Travis is a professional chef, and actually divulges some of his secrets in there, for those of you who spend more time cooking than plotting ways to avoid it, like me. He can also write up a storm himself, as in this entry. It's always fun to hear both sides of a story, especially when you're not caught in the crossfire and have time to contemplate the mysteries of life and relationships!

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