Feb. 3, 2000

Short Entry

Finally, some results from Dad's tests came in. The good news is, his bowel problems aren't cancer, nor are they related to his prostate cancer. The bad news is, he has an inflamed, infected loop of bowel which they think has dug a connection into his bladder. Yuck.

He's on two strong antibiotics and a soft diet, and the hope is that the thing will heal itself up. The doctor will re-assess in two weeks (as long as it doesn't worsen in the mean time) and an operation is possible.

So far so good, anyway.. Dad sounds alert and he's getting out of the house a bit. I think he enjoys the extra attention from me, too.

In other health news:

YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Be still my heart!!)

Headline on the CNN Website:
Chocolate: A heart-healthy confection?

The article says: chocolate has ANTIOXIDANTS! I'm not sure quite what those are but they must be healthy because they put them into vitamin pills.

It also says that chocolate increases "good" cholesterol and makes "bad" cholesterol less bad. Or so I gather.

Oh they caution that it's only good in moderation, along with a healthy balanced diet. Whatever. Hershey's here I come!

Linque Du Jour:The Dialectizer

The sheer weirdness of what people do on the internet continues to astonish and amaze.

This website translates any English text you provide, or web pages you direct them to, into any of the following dialects: Redneck, Jive, Cockney, Elmer Fudd, Swedish Chef, Moron, or Pig Latin.

I just checked out what my last entry looked like in Redneck! Well fry mah hide!!!!

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