Jan. 30, 2000

A Slight Change of Pace

Spent most of today in a local bowling center.

While it was a nice change of pace from doctor's offices and hospitals, I'd still have preferred to be curled up in front of a warm computer.

The occasion was a preliminary round of the Provincial youth tournament, for which Older Son qualified this year. He has been bowling in the same league since he was seven, which makes this his twelfth year. Younger Son also bowled for much of that time, taking a couple of years off for artistic roller skating lessons (like figure skating but on wheels.. very strange!) and deciding this year to skip the league in favour of sleeping in.

Older Son was very enthusiastic about the tournament this year, which puzzled me somewhat. This is the only tournament (out of three or four each winter/spring) where no handicap is given. Now the kid is a pretty good bowler, with an average of 170 or so, but here he's up against the offspring of local pros, who have been coached ever since they could toddle down a lane in their socks, and probably bowl every day, not just once a week like we do. Three hundred (perfect) games are not unheard of for these kids, and just today a sixteen year old in the next alley threw one.

In other words, his chances of advancing to the next round were negligible, and he knew it. So why bother? According to him, he gets a charge out of just being there, and bowling next to the kids with famous (well, locally famous) surnames. He said his goal was to not come in dead last! Is that a great attitude or what!

He did a lot better than not last, too.. came in 14th out of 28 in his age group! The top ten advance so he very nearly accomplished that as well! His highest game today was 248 (also his highest game ever) and his average over the eight games was 178.

Good thing he inherited his bowling talent from his father, not me!

The only downside was that it was poorly organized and dragged on from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. All that time to breathe second hand smoke, yuck! The things we do for our kids.

Dad Update:

Things are a bit quieter this weekend. Still no results from last week's tests, and they will hear from me in the morning! Dad seems to have regained at least the strength he had before the tests, and is venturing out of the apartment (with Step-Mom) by car to the nearby mall. Maybe it's the calm in the eye of the storm.. maybe not. I'm afraid to relax too much, just in case.

And thank you for the messages of support. They really do help.

Linque Du Jour: Images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Breathtaking. Awesome. Unreal. Amazing.

This is the home page with various links within the site, and this is a page of thumbnails of the most recent photos.

If you're American you're paying for it anyway, so you might as well take a look. For the rest of us, it's, um, priceless!

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